Monday, July 5, 2010

Canon T2i; the Ongoing Series

Ever since I got my T2i, I've been amazed at the clarity and controllability of the camera.
Although it's quite a bit different than operating a camcorder, as you learn the ins and outs of all the manual controls on the thing you appreciate what's been going on with filmmakers for the last century or so.

In an effort to help fellow novices with this terrific camera, I've begun an ongoing series of semi-tutorials, more of a journey of discovery, that I've called "Canon T2i for Regular Schmoes"

There's a lot of technical information out there that's as vast as it is complex, and for someone like me that doesn't know an f-stop from a truck stop, there has to be some means of finding the information that the casual hobbyist or filmmaker wanting to get the best images possible can understand and use.

So here are the first six, not necessarily the best info on the net about the T2i, but I hope it's some of the more entertaining.

You can follow my exploits on YouTube by clicking here.

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