Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Ebay Double Edge

I'm a cheapskate, no two ways about it, I make Jack Benny look like a major philanthropist.

And I like to buy stuff on the cheap, so naturally I turn to Ebay for deals. If you are a careful shopper there's some great deals in fact.

But a lot of stuff comes from the mystical land of the east and it can take a while to get here.

Back on June 30 I ordered an adapter for some dirt cheap Canon FD lenses I scored so I could mount them on the T2i and now, half a month later I'm still waiting on delivery.

Mind you I'm not complaining (ok, just a little) because the price for shipping was certainly right; free. But it's weird how some items can arrive from Hong Kong in something like 4 days and others can take up to a month.

Sort of like my posting schedule here.

As soon as the adapter arrives I'll have some tests of the telephoto lenses I bought, but until then the lenses are just sitting there staring at me with those big unblinking, long range glass eyes.

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